Believe us, we wish we could do the S&H for free on top of giving you our most popular charger!

Shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS all charge in full for their services and we can't eat that cost on top of the manufacturing costs of your MAGFAST Wall. 

Wall is an incredibly high-quality product. It costs us three or four times as much to manufacture as most of the chargers you have lying around your home.

The trouble is, Amazon has got everyone thinking that things like processing an order, packaging, shipping & handing don't cost a lot of money...but they really do! A simple trip to your Post Office will confirm this. You have to buy a box, the packaging, then pay them more than you'd expect to ship your item. We incur additional costs as we need to pay someone to pick, pack and label your items accurately.

Fulfillment by Amazon, for instance, is around $2.40 to pick and pack a small item. Then FedEx wants $10.40 to ship it. Put them together and you're at $12.80, and that's BEFORE paying for warehousing, product packaging and much more.

We believe that we're being very fair offering a FREE $30 Wall (actually we'll be sending the $40 upgraded model with Surge Protection to folks who share about us online). 

If covering your own shipping and handling doesn't work for you, we fully understand. We're really proud of what we're doing here and hope you'll consider trying our products someday. :)

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