If you live outside the USA, then yes, you will be required to pay extra shipping and customs fees. There is no way to get around this one given the international postal and customs laws. Boo hoo!

While we have not finalized distribution as of yet, we are doing our best to make sure shipping prices are fair for everyone, however. In the interim, we're making reasonable estimates on how much shipping will cost.

International shipping is trickier than you might think! It actually does cost extra to ship across borders. Hey, we are not happy about this either.

Almost every country has their own import customs and fees. Which means that while we'll do our best to accurately label your MAGFAST package for customs, you'll need to check with your local customs department to determine precisely what you'll be charged.

While we have, as of now, not yet determined how packages will be distributed, FedEx does a pretty comprehensive job of explaining duty fees & taxes.

While we know this is a bit of a drag, we appreciate you sticking with us!

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