Your free gift of MAGFAST Wall really is a fantastic charger without anything added at all.

Most every other charger out there blocks off at least one, often both, outlets when you plug it in. But MAGFAST Wall keeps your outlets free to use, while giving you TWO USB-A outlets to charge 2 of your devices at once with their cables.

There are several reasons we don't include the adaptor tips, or any other accessories, with MAGFAST Wall...

  1. We're already giving you something great, that's also really expensive to make. I'm not sure how much you know about manufacturing, but products typically sell for 3, 4 or 5 times what they cost to make. MAGFAST Wall is super-high quality, so even when we sell it for $30, we make far less than normal. It actually costs more to make this product we're giving you, for free, than most other companies sell for at retail.

  2. There are eight different accessories for MAGFAST Wall and folks want to use it in different ways.

    Sure, a few people want to put in a tip and pop their phone on top. But plugged-in charging is on the way out now and more and more people only want wireless charging.

    Some want to get one of our LIFE chargers for portable power, or MAGFAST Road for the car. We have eight different accessories you may want, but we can't include them all—so we just give you a fantastic base unit and let you add accessories if you want them, or not.

  3. The tips are surprisingly expensive to manufacture. Apple, for example, charges us a full $5 (yes, FIVE dollars!) for the right to make each Lightning tip—and that's just their fee, before all the other costs of the manufacturing supply chain.

    The bottom line is it would be insane to ship out thousands and thousands of tips at huge cost, most of which would never be used. The cost would be so high, we couldn't make the free offer in the first place.  

The free MAGFAST Wall is a $30 value, and if you're kind enough to share on social media, we'll be shipping you the $40 model with surge protection

We're just working hard to make a fun, fair offer, get some really great products off the ground and do a little good for the environment along the way. 

Thanks for checking us out!

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