We'd LOVE to be in retail when the right time comes.

The challenge for us for organizations like these is the business classic: Cash Flow.

We do very well by offering our products direct to consumers.  

This comprehensive list explains why a young startup companies often face growing pains when dealing with retailers...

• Big retailers generally issue HUGE purchase orders with onerous requirements;
• Retailers provide no money up front to cover manufacturing costs for their orders, and....
• Issue payment only on 60-90 days after delivery;
• Retailers reserve the right to return all unsold inventory, even if it is their incompetence that caused product not to sell (by, for instance, over-ordering or placing items in a part of the store that's hard to find).

The bottom line is that selling though retail in the early stages can hurt a new product company far more than it helps.

Working directly with our consumers allows us to focus our attention on the important things without the additional worries and drain on resources. In time, however, we'd love to be in retail locations.

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