Whether you like it or not, there are no serious options for manufacturing products as complex as the MAGFAST Family in North America.

Our products are designed to be super-simple to use, but the internal complexity needed to achieve this is significant, and there are only a handful of manufacturers anywhere in the world that can meet and exceed ALL of our requirements:

Expertise in Qi Wireless Charging
Specializing in USB charging
Apple MFi Certified
Well versed in all issues of battery safety
Able to scale manufacturing output fast
Highly efficient supply chain
Extremely competitive costs
Clean modern factories
Large scale quality testing
Extensive environmental testing

...and the list goes on.

As this recent New York Times article explains, even the largest, most experienced companies struggle to get products made anywhere other than the world's manufacturing hubs like Taiwan & China.

Making a product requires that a vast array of components, skills and protocols come together in one place simultaneously... or things go wrong very quickly indeed.

It seems harsh, but as the article above shows, even Apple, with all its resources, has had immense difficulty trying to make even a single product line in North America. 

Our promise to you is outstanding, world class products of the highest quality. To do that we can't re-invent manufacturing:

We have to go where world class products of the highest quality are made.

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